Welcome to, the personal website of Todd Rodriguez, artist and poet and historian.

Developed to share the thoughts and creations of Todd, contains an assortment of his inspired works. Most of the paintings found in the Art Gallery are of an abstract expressionist style harkening back to the New York School of artists of the 1950s/60s. His free-verse Poetry evokes an atmosphere of the same time period. As Darryl Read, legendary British poet, actor and musician said about reading Todd's words, "you get to feel that old Beat route", referring to the Beat Poetry movement of the 1950s.

Check out the Pictures section where you will find backstage moments with rock stars and lots of just hanging out.



A collection of poems by Todd Rodriguez and his good friend Mark Boninsegna of The Netherlands is available from Free Musketeers in the book, fifty fifty at or from To quote the back cover, "the language is of the rainy street, the dim lit bar or the lone desert highway. The subject matter runs the whole gamut of the human condition. Love, Death, Life, Sorrow, Joy, Art, War, Confusion, Clarity, History and The Future."