If you like the poems by Todd Rodriguez that you read here, you may be interested in the book of poems by him and Mark Boninsegna, titled fifty fifty. You can get fifty fifty at http://fiftyfiftythebook.com or from bol.com.

When I awoke
surprise to my eyes
a specter of red
dancing thru my head
she was all that I saw
and I watched her with awe
she was a specter of red
but not a demon
loving that face
but losing my place
the walls all flew away
a specter of red
in the land of the dead
graced my space with her
up in the stars
the red face of mars
allows me to see my condition


Bars cannot stop the media
words carried on waves
reaching all who wish to hear

Black adder
death bite
slow like love
it flows into your veins
and takes hold
of every fiber
of your being
and just as quickly
as loves fade
your life ebbs
total darkness


More fond
of living
than am I of this life
you cant choose
only reactions
listlessly trudging
thru an existence
one cigarette
at a time
a one-run pilot
in the fall season
of life

Like tender
lifted to the light
the suns gift
falls gently
and the nectar
so sweet delicately finds
itself taken
like a whisper
ever so slow


No soul
has left the world
loving anything more than life


Eyes of beauty
yet telling of a chaotic soul
dependant on the input of others
always having the half dazed
of an all night warrior
he stands out as a book
whose cover is misprinted

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